Looking for advice on rotary tiller
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Thread: Looking for advice on rotary tiller

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    Looking for advice on rotary tiller

    After doing my due diligence and considering my options I recently became the new owner of a nice, clean, low hour 2014 1025R with H120 loader and 54D MMM with autoconnect for a good price. I am loving it!.

    Since I want to do some gardening, I want to outfit my rig with a PTO tiller.

    My requirements are: I would prefer to buy a pre-owned tiller in person. I am willing to drive up to about 300 miles to go and get it. I also want a "green" one and am pretty sure that a JD 647 is exactly what I want. My local JD dealer doesn't stock the 647 or even a Frontier model, rather they sell a green 48" Mohawk at $1695 plus tax (10%) brand new. I know a new 647 would be about $1k more. The dealer says his customers are getting great service from the Mohawks.

    Of course there are the usual other options including the yellow $1499 ones at the TS stores. A couple of other local dealers sell similar ones at similar prices (mostly red ones ). I am only about 45 mins from Stevens Tractor and have stopped in to look at their row makers and cultivators and such.

    However, I have been searching online (Fastline, Machinio, Tractorhouse, etc) for weeks and haven't seen a reasonably priced used 647 less than 500-700 miles away.

    Currently I am seeing a super nice looking Frontier 1142 at a good price and about 200 miles. There is also a JD 655 about the same distance away, price is ok, and the photos look ok.

    I am concerned that the 1142 is not wide enough to cover my tracks when tilling and I might not be happy with that.

    I know the 647 seems to be the recommended width, so I wonder if the additional width of the 655 would be too much for the 1025R. My soil is heavy on clay content and hard as a rock when dry, and sticky when wet. I don't think I will be tilling large tracts, so multiple passes starting shallow and tilling deeper each pass is a viable option.

    So, what do you think about the 655? Too much?

    I am in no hurry, probably won't use it until early spring. Oh, my location is northwest Louisiana and my "300 mile circle" includes east Texas to the DFW area, , SE Oklahoma, most of Louisiana and Arkansas, and over to the east into central Mississippi.
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    An older option would be a model 450. They were late 90s early 2000s.

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    647 on 1025R

    I have the same soil conditions and when damp, this heavy soil will bog the 1025R down pulling the 647 tiller if you go very deep - 3"-4". If it's dry, it's really tough to use the 647 more than an inch deep per pass on this hard clay. I considered a bigger tiller and am very glad I didn't go wider than the 647. I burned up the PTO shaft slip clutch in dry soil going into it slowly at about 2" per pass. It's an easy fix and most of the PTO shaft slip clutches I've seen on this size tiller are similar. I'd avoid the ones with the Belleville washer style slip clutch. Good news: JD wants crazy money an entire clutch (they don't sell parts), but the 2 friction discs are less than $25 a pair at Agri-Supply. It takes maybe an hour to remove the shaft, disassemble the clutch and put it all back together again.

    The 647 covers the tire tracks on the 1025R, but not by much.

    Good luck finding a good used tiller.
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    My girlfriend uses a 54" King Kutter on her 1023e. Northern Ohio soil conditions. Her machine handles it ok, you have to take it in layers or creep and ride the brake if you do a full depth cut in virgin ground or sodded areas. She has a large garden that gets tilled 2-3 times a year and you can go full depth real easy there. The 54" covers perfectly.
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    I've not heard ANYONE dissatisfied with their tiller. It seems every brand is fine. Deere, King Kutter, whatever. It is amazing how good of a job these things do.

    48" is the most common width for the 1025R. I think it is the perfect size. However, some folks run 54" or even 60".

    If you are patient enough, and use something like searchtempest to search multiple craigslists simultaneously, you will eventually find a used 4' King Kutter tiller for well under $1000.
    They usually begin to appear in January and February.

    BTW, we have lots of videos on our channel showing our King Kutter XB in use. Lots of different soil conditions, ground covers from sod to recently tilled soil.
    These should help you get a feel for what the tiller can do for you.

    (See Tractor Time with Tim's main YouTube channel page)
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    I have one that I bought from tractor supply about 5 years ago. It is the 6' model with gear drive and I can tell you that I have not been gentle with it and it has never failed me. I prefer the gear drive myself and it is equipped with a slip clutch. It has been used on a NH 1920 since it was new.
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    My soil type is compacted clay.
    I have a 48" Hawkline by Behlen Country with gear drive and slip clutch. It is a beefy implement weighing in at just shy of 600 pounds.
    Yes, I can stall it if I go deep (about 5") in a single pass on the virgin soil but other than that it has not missed a beat.

    Friend had an ugly weed patch with tall grass.

    The 1025r took it down to this in a single pass.

    Last spring I tilled up part of the old alfalfa field for our garden/orchard area.
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    I'm running a JD 550 on my 1025r. Works well for me. Picked it up on Craigslist last year for around $800 or $900.
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    I am a KingKutter/CountyLine fan for general non commercial homeowner use. I think they are a great value and built like a tank. If you are set on a green tiller, I think you can order one in in green.

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    Tillers as a rule are made sturdy and hard to damage. Buy one that meets you price and is made good. If it's not green and you want green, buy some paint. Most people buy the 4' model and it works very good. I have the 5' kind and although my 1026 does handle it very good the down side is it's very heavy and with no iMatch, a bear to hook up. What you should pay attention to when buying a tiller besides one that is made tough is, make sure it's iMatch compatible. If you don't have an iMatch, get one. It's to late for me as all my equipment are not iMatch compatible.
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