PV18 for 1023e with JD Mulcher
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Thread: PV18 for 1023e with JD Mulcher

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    PV18 for 1023e with JD Mulcher

    Good morning all,

    I am thinking of purchasing a PV18 for my 1023e and would like to know if anyone else here has installed one on the same tractor.

    I see a lot of 102X installs.

    I also have the JD mulching kit installed in my 54" MMM, would I have to remove it? I know I would have to remove the exterior guard.

    These are all rear PTO correct?

    I have a generic 3 point hitch any concerns?

    2014 1023E, H120, MMM 54", Titan 42" pallet forks. Piranha Tooth Bar JD 49". Tractor Newbie

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    Looking at the site, no, not PTO driven. It appears the base model does not have a blower looking at the pics, and if it does the blower is run off the deck belt system. There goes your drive over deck ability. I might be wrong, but this is how my Ford/New Holland was set up.

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    54D QT mowing deck W/ independent lift
    120H FEL W/ 49 in bucket
    260 BH W/ 12" bucket
    Homemade 10 Kw PTO Driven Generator (Timing Belt Driven 2000RPM input, from front PTO)
    1972 Homelite XL12 inherited from Dad going strong!
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    If you're referring to the Protero, don't even think about it. Please see my post about my experience:


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    PV18 for 1023e with JD Mulcher

    Quote Originally Posted by ajn1211 View Post
    If you're referring to the Protero, don't even think about it. Please see my post about my experience:

    Holy crap is all I can say.

    To the original poster, why not look at the John Deere 3 bag unit? Unless you need the additional capacity of a Protero, or DR or Cyclone Rake, or Peco, the Deere unit works very well. Sits closer to the tractor so easier turns. Driven off the right spindle of the mower deck so no extra engine to maintain.

    I have the 3 bag, 14 bushel John Deere unit on a 1025r with the 60" deck. I also have the Jamison Bryce adapter that allows me to mount the bagger on the 3pt hitch. I have about 1.7 acres of lawn that I use it on. We usually mulch, but bag the grass in late spring to put between the rows of plants in the gardens.

    The John Deere unit plus the Jamison Bryce adapter were less than the $3100 the user in the above link was charged.

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    1025R w\ block heater and one rear work light
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    JD 3 bag MCS with powerflow
    Land Pride RTA1250 tiller and CA1556 core aerator
    Imatch Quick Hitch
    JamisonBryce MCS Imatch adapter
    Heavy Hitch weight bracket & sub soiler combo
    CMP Attachments 60" HD front dethatcher
    Garber 72" 3pt mount drop spreader
    Countyline 3pt PHD with 9" diameter auger

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