quick attach mower for 1025r
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Thread: quick attach mower for 1025r

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    quick attach mower for 1025r

    if you have one do you like it? How long does it take to install a manual deck (ball park) I might just have to take it off 3-4 times a summer and its a lot cheaper. thanks

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    I like my auto connect deck. In my younger days maybe not. My 420 I had for 26 years of course did not have it. I would normally take it off maybe three times a summer. One of the biggest advancements is the drive over deck. On the 420 you would drop the deck and uunhook it then jack up one side and pull it out good luck
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    Depending on how you store the deck and how familiar you are with the process to install or remove it, you can put it on or take it off in less than 5 minutes. It's not as fast as the TV commercials show it, but it is not bad at all. The drive-over technology is a great innovation. Before my 1025R, I had to drag the deck under the tractor and fiddle with numerous connection points. After doing that for 29 years, it was exciting to see how easy it was with the 1025R.
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    I have an auto connect 60D deck. I love it, but that said, if you have a level spot to detach and attach it, if you check the auto connect linkage occasionally for adjustment and if you are willing to assure of the driveshaft alignment prior to actually finishing the attachment process, you should have no problems.

    Honestly, if you are only going to take the deck on and off three times a summer, it may not be worth it to you.

    Remember, all 1025R decks are drive over, the only part that is auto connect is the attachment of the driveshaft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driver View Post
    if you have one do you like it? How long does it take to install a manual deck (ball park) I might just have to take it off 3-4 times a summer and its a lot cheaper. thanks
    I have an older JD 2210 that only came with a manual lift. The first time for the season takes me the longest. Usually it's getting the mower drive shaft to connect to the PTO that holds me up. Taking it off is a less then 5 minute affair. Putting it on depending on should only 5 minutes or a little longer, depends on how much of a hurry you are in and if you are reconfiguring the tractor from other uses. I always drop my FEL and then my ballast so that adds time to prepping for mowing. Actual mounting of the deck is fairly simple. If I had the coin, I would get an auto-connect deck though but then I use my tractor for a variety of uses and am always dropping off the deck. If it is truly only a couple times a season and you are in good enough health to get on your hands/knees each time then get a manual deck, otherwise I would get something that makes work easier/faster.

    Another option to consider might be a 3pt point finish mower. They are usually cheaper than a mid-mounted mower. If your property is set up to take advantage of one, you might want to consider that. If you have an I-match then hooking up one of those is a breeze.
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    If you are able to get down on your knees reach in to connect or disconnect the PTO. OK. The only thing if you buy the 60" deck and not auto connect . I found it harder to connect than the 54" deck. Yes it is costly to buy the auto connect , but from personal experience a LOT more money to do this after the paper work is sent in... over 4 or 5 maybe 6 yrs of payments guessing less than $10.00 a month.

    Drive over deck is standard , takes maybe 2-3 mins on or off. Hooking the PTO guessing another 2-3 maybe a minute . Sometimes I could do it just being down on my knees, other times had to lay down as I said above the 60" (for me) was a lot harder to reach in and connect or disconnect.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by driver View Post
    if you have one do you like it? How long does it take to install a manual deck (ball park) I might just have to take it off 3-4 times a summer and its a lot cheaper. thanks
    Wrong question. You know the saying, "work smarter not harder"? It's not how long it takes. I could take a half hour to do it if I wanted. To actually do it non stop, minute and half. Takes me right at 2 or 3 minutes the way I do it. I don't get in a hurry and look at everything to make sure it's all hooked up right and nothing is not done. I don't just drive over, hook up, go mow. On my 2210 I had to lay down to hook up the PTO shaft and that is something I wanted to get away from. Gets tiresome laying down and then have to get back up. Then there is the times you have to lay down to clean that shaft too. With the quick hitch, not any more. I have the 60" quick hitch and love it. It's the best thing any company could have come up with. With the 2210 I unhooked only when I had to, now I unhook because I can do it so easy in very little time. I've never cleaned the under side of the deck so much as since I bought this. Get it, you'll be glad you did.
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    Levi nailed it "work smarter not harder". I upgraded from a GT275 with a 48" deck which was belt drive and not that hard to take on and off. But you had to get down on the ground. One of my determining factors on spending the extra money on the 1025R was to try and make life easier and stay in the seat as much as possible! I also think that one would be more motivated to keep up with the preventative maintenance on the mower if it is easier and quicker to take it on and off (cleaning, blade sharpening, etc.).
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    --- Ed ---

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