i got chased home yesterday...and thoughts in general...
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Thread: i got chased home yesterday...and thoughts in general...

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    i got chased home yesterday...and thoughts in general...

    So yesterday i went to fairly large auction...older guy, was kind of a cornerstone as it were, of the 2 cylinder groups, was a major influence on starting a yearly gathering around here known as "Power of the Past" in ottawa kansas, they even have a website. he pasted away rather suddenly earlier this year. Neither his family or close friends had a CLUE how much stuff he actually had...tractors and just stuff in general. There is a second auction in two weeks at his other farm for the remaining items, plows, parts tractors, etc etc.

    That was my lead in for my thoughts (which i hope to hear some others thoughts) and a picture.

    So now for the good, i bought a GP, it will be my donor tractor for my other once since it does not have a serial tag, but its complete, all it will take is a few parts and it will have paid for itself, once i have mine up and running, then i will try to help the rest of the world and sell the remaining parts, hopefully save a few more tractors.

    The picture is of the GM i bought. Rollomatic and a water pump. I didnt think it would go very cheap, and i was wrong, it did, i always wanted one...today was the day.

    Now the bad...me and the scrappers did battle ALL afternoon, i knew i couldnt buy everything, but i ran them up as much as i could, at least as much as i could get away with, i did make sure, for the most part, they would lose money, only 1 tractor had any meat left on the bone...they werent even LOOKING at what they were bidding on, they just ran it up, none of them knew what each tractor was, or what excellent parts were left on them...the auctioneer told me last night that several people asked him to run the scrappers off and not let them bid...i honestly think he was real close to that...then they ran the plows and equipment right the edge, so by the time they spend a LOT of money in fuel, taking tires off, etc etc, the 3 there, SHOULD lose money...scrap here is down, its around 150 ish a ton. I could have bought several parts tractors that would have saved a LOT of tractors, but they were just running it up way to much, its hard to justify sitting on that much money, tearing them all down, getting parts out there, etc etc, take them out of the equation and i would have been fine with it....the old timers there werent very happy at all, but they werent buying (more on that a little further down) so there was only so much i could do...

    The "good"...i talked to two of them, and they each gave me a couple weeks to get down to where they scrap and pull parts...they didnt HAVE to do that, and i do appreciate it, so i am going to try and get as much off of them as i can...some A's, some B's, some D's and a 60 with power steering, a couple farmall's, and a couple olivers...eh...at least they will hopefully let me do what they say they will and havent destroyed what good tin there was and usable parts...now im torn...how many frames for a b does one person need before they realize they arent in high demand haha

    The sad...or maybe a overview, which i hope people put their thoughts on here as well, as i would like to see what other people think...when i was little, the 2 cylinder/antique tractor craze was taking off, my grandparents were in their 60's and those guys were buying all the old unusual LOW serial number, rare tractors they could get their hands on, spending what i called stupid money, not stupid for doing it, but i could have went to college for free for what some of these guys were spending. Good for them, they lived through a lot in their lives and they were rewarding themselves...but now, this is the second auction in as many months that i have been to, in which all these old timers are selling out..tractors that cost an arm and a leg a few years ago arent bringing as much...a lot of the old guys wanted to buy stuff, but a couple of them told me...i cant even start a D anymore..some laughed...some shrugged as they said it an walked away...and i think that we are on the cusp of a huge sell off, i think this may just be the beginning, these old guys are either wanting so they can enjoy their last few years, or their kids are talking them into it, or they are just simply dying...i think a lot of old expensive tractors arent going to sell for much. Guys my dads age seem to be more into the new generation stuff, other than grandpa's tractor, and if you want to play in that arena, you better be packing a big wallet, bigger than mine HAHA I know there will always be a few guys other there willing to spend the money on the rare, odd, never before seen tractor, but when you guys look around at 2 cylinder events, or just antique tractor events, are the numbers smaller, age older? what are you seeing in your area? If you respond, please include your general area...mine is north east kansas...

    Makes me really curious...please chime in...oh yea...sorry about the long thread, just ranting and im not even drinking beer HA!
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    I hate seeing old equipment scrapped, but like you said some of it just doesn't have a market. Frames, big castings, etc. They're worth a mint if you find someone that needs one, but how often does anybody need one? Maybe never.

    I've brought home several things just so they wouldn't be scrapped.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    I think it goes by generation. What you remember running as a kid, or what you had when you first started farming, you snag up as an adult for sentimental reasons. Older guys are dying off so numbers of collectors of poppers and such are diminishing as well. The 60 something crowd now collects 4020's and such. Just how it is I guess. Someday the 4020 may not be worth much either, who knows.
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    I think anything old and made of cast iron is down from the highs before the economy tanked 5 years ago. I remember seeing things go for $1000 that would be lucky to go for $300 in scrap now. I have a few old woodworking machines that are 100+ years old, and I bought them just because I had $200 in my pocket at an auction. I doubt I could sell them as scrap for $150 today.

    Plus, once you buy that 70-year-old tractor, how much will it cost you to fix it? I could use a few parts for a 1920s Edison-Splitdorf magneto for my1928 D. Have you seen how much one of them goes for, if you can find one? More than I paid for the entire tractor.

    A friend of mine said the same thing about the older guys who grew up running the 2 cylinder Deers and how once those guys die off the prices will start dropping because no one wants to be bothered with the hassle of keeping the old Deeres running. I'd say he was correct.
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