WTS: 1958 720 black dash, gas
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Thread: WTS: 1958 720 black dash, gas

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    WTS: 1958 720 black dash, gas

    Turning 75 has brought me face to face with reality....I will never repair or restore this tractor.......it need someone with more ambition that I feel I can muster.

    It has a haunting memory for me that I just cant seem to shake.....this is the one that took my wifes leg. She is against selling but....its gotta go.

    First the good: complete; always shedded; never a puller; nicer sheet metal, runs & drive properly, all transmission & clutch stuff work correctly; power steering, dual hydraulics, work correctly as does 3point; full set of front wts & rear wheel wts; new tires all around; new rear wheels; rebuilt starter w/new long cable; new regulator; tach., oil pressure & volt/amp meter work (seems like the gas gauge did at one time.....but not now); serial plate is on. NO BATTERY.....one in it came from my boat & will go back there.

    Now the bad: suspect this to be an old repaint, probably reason for good sheetmetal; radiator leaks at the top; runs but surges (may be from old gas, will drain & try new gas later this week); has what I think is a mild rod knock, holds high oil pressure; rust in tank, doesnt seem to affect anything; power steering works properly when cold, very iffy when hot; power take of amiss, wont stop without load, wont run mower either; steering wheel crumbling; back-up lite incomplete; left end of wide front welded & reinforced by very professional welder w/latest equipment & high tech rods......cost me $550. for 5hr job!!!!.

    Future parade queen!!!!! $10,000., come & get it in SE Ohio, Gallipolis

    PJHeck......I am in the phone book

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