Model A pistons
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Thread: Model A pistons

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    Model A pistons

    We have an old model A ,1943.The pistons are history having been stuck for ever.I have some others ,but they are of different length.The originals were approx 7 1/2 inches long .The others are approx 7 3/4 and 8 inches long.Were the longer ones from the 321 engine ?the tractor is a 1943 model,so should be 309 cubes.Did the 321 cube model ,with the longer stroke ,have shorter rods,or a different crankshaft throw? Thankyou.
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    Pukeko, i am not gonna promise what i am about to say is 100% accurate, but i think its pretty close. for the rest of the verification i need to look at my parts manuals.

    1943 A had: Bore/stroke of 5.5x6.75, however, the all-fuel had a compression of 4.45 and the gas was 5.6.

    both all fuel and gas was the 321 ci engine.

    so my guess is that your original is all fuel and the replacements are gas.

    Just a guess....

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