1939 Model H and a 1935 Model B
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Thread: 1939 Model H and a 1935 Model B

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    1939 Model H and a 1935 Model B

    Hi to all. New to this forum. Local sellers have these 2 John Deere tractors for sale. $2600 for the 1939 and $2500 for the 1935. The 39 runs and has new rear tires with a 4 tine attachment. The 35 does not run and needs tires. Seller states it ran about 2 years ago and has a new magneto. Engine turns freely. Just was wondering about the values on both and anything I should be aware of on either. Thanks to all who respond. I’m located in Scottsdale, AZ.
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    I’d say they’re priced a little high, just enough for some wiggle room to negotiate. But for the dollars, it’d be hard to go wrong.
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    - Jason

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    Where I live I think one would be hard pressed to get 1/2(HALF) the advertised selling price. Old tractor prices have dropped drastically in the last few years.
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    Buyer beware when someone says it ran last year...

    I bought a tractor that the person I bought it from had been told it "ran 3 or 4 years ago". It was stuck but I didn't care as the price was right and I was going to do a complete restore on it anyway. It only took over 2 months of soaking the pistons to get the first one to move. The second one was an MC that I was told "ran 5 years ago when I parked it there". That motor was rusted on the inside bad enough to be totally unusable. Point being I would never pay a premium price for something that is stuck without at least enough of a tear down to determine usefulness of the parts.
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    The H is about right with an implement and good rubber, maybe a touch high. 2k would be a great deal.

    B's are a lot more money, and that would be an OK price if you knew it was in running condition. However, not knowing and needing rubber, I'd be leery.
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    Around where I live,, the price of these old tractors have plummeted,,
    the only buyers are tractor pullers,,

    The "NEW" rage is buying older SCUTs,, they bring about the same $$$,, and you can actually get something done with them,,,

    I could easily get double what I paid for this 650, even though I only bought it 3 years ago,,,
    Some of the tractors include JD 4105, JD 855, JD 650,,,, and,,, the IH 584 4WD
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