420 Drivetrain issue Question
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Thread: 420 Drivetrain issue Question

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    420 Drivetrain issue Question

    Split the 58' 420 with live PTO to fix a seal at transmission. Now the clutch will not disengage drive shaft, cannot shift gears with engine running. It will run and drive if started in a low gear. Pulled off the engine to look at clutch and throwout bearing, all seems normal. When I spin the inner shaft by hand it will turn PTO at rear of tractor, but spinning the outer shaft will not. With transmission in a gear I feel the inner shaft engaging the wheels, but spinning the outer shaft still has no effect. It is my understanding that the outer shaft is supposed to engage the PTO, is this correct and any ideas as to my issue? Thank You.
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    I agree outer shaft is suppose to power the pto & inner shaft powers trans. Have you engaged pto control lever before turning outer shaft? What's your tractors serial number as there's a serial break on pto parts. My 1st guess is there's a problem with brgs(key 23).
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