I'm interested in a John Deere 70 not too far from me. Pretty typical story around here: Son in law is selling off father in law's tractor following his death. It has an older resto and Schwartz wide front end on it, and has been sitting out for approximately 10 years. It has a rain cap, but I have fairly little confidence that it isn't stuck. It looks like a gas tractor, but the photos indicate that they've been running it on LP. I'm going to check it out on Thursday. I'm open to any 70 specific items to check, as well as any other general 2 cylinder items. This will not be my first 2 cylinder, but I'm hoping this one turns out to be something I can resurrect and use. I'm trying not to get so excited that I'm not able to look it over good, and I know you guys know how that is!
Will post pics if I get the deal done. Thanks in advance for your input.