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    Tire question - John Deere M

    Hey Guys,
    i've got a rear tire question - i'm new to tractors so with everything i need to research for info - my rear tire size on the tractor is 9.5x24, but from what i can tell original equip is a 8x24 tire? Anyways, when i bought the tractor it had one tire nearly brand new, a Multi-trac L/S rear R1 4 ply. The other is shot and different thread style also. Just having trouble finding a match, and man, these things are expensive! Should i just buy two tires and try to sell my one good one? Any ideas/tips?


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    Here's the way I look at it. My 40 U (the same basic model as the M, only the next generation) had two slightly different rear tires. They were the same size, but since they were different brands, one tire was about 2" larger diameter than the other. If you stood behind it and knew what to look for, you would notice it. The treads were also very slightly different, but both were R1. Being a cheap bas.., I mean frugal, I saw no reason to go looking for matched tires. It isn't like you're going to drive an M at 75 MPH down the highway. I say if one tire is good, and you can find a new tire the same size, with a somewhat similar tread, I would just replace the single bad tire. I couldn't tell you the number of times I have seen farm tractors with slightly different rear tires on them.

    As for the 9.5x24 vs 8x24 issue, many of the old tire sizes are no longer made, so the 9.5x24 is probably the current size tire you would need to use on your M anyway.

    If you are restoring this tractor to show condition, none of this probably applies.
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