Today was fluid changing day for the newly acquired mt.Found interesting results,left final drive was half water and oil,right final was normal oil,and the transmission was full of gear oil that was the consistency of grease.Nothing came out when I pulled the plug.Haven't seen this but heard about it,bet the gear oil was installed in 1952 at the factory.I installed an air fitting in the fill plug hole and cranked up the air and it took 2 hours to remove the junk.Filled with kerosene and jacked up one wheel and ran it for 30 minutes and drained.Refilled with kero and ran another 30 minutes and it all came out. Refilled with gear oil.Also found the washer missing under the oil filter and the filter was dry with no oil going thru it .Ordered washer,maybe better oil pressure when installed.Hope this helps someone else. Tim