Just a post to all you Vintage John Deere guys and gals my mother and father in law who have collected john deere since well before it was john deere are having a auction one of two! The first on which is Saturday September 8th 2012 at 9:30 AM at rural millville,minesota is mostly John Deere and McCormick and over 50 plows some for deere and some more vintage not sure what they are but he is a dyed in the wool John Deere man so I suspect most are Deere or related for a complete listing follow this link Auctions GO! - ARNOLD & LOUISE STEVENS VINTAGE FARM MACHINERY AUC... because we would rather see John Deere collectors get most of this than the scrap iron guys who wouldn't cherish it the way they do! Most of the tractors on this sale are parts tractors tho some of them are re storable in fact most are if you really like to do it!