Need Part for Old JD 2-Row Cultivator
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Thread: Need Part for Old JD 2-Row Cultivator

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    Need Part for Old JD 2-Row Cultivator

    I'm restoring a series 200 mounted 2-row cultivator to go on my 1948 B John Deere. I have everything except the "adapter support assembly" that mounts on the two upper front pedestal bolts. This is basically a horizontal strap with holes for the two pedestal bolts, and a big tapered "acorn nut"-type post in the middle that fits in a hole on the front cultivator bracket. This helps center the cultivator and prevents sway at the top of the cross-braces. Anybody out there have such a thing?

    Joe Mauderly
    [email protected]

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    I'll send you a PM with the info of some places that might have it, but they are in Texas. Can't say for sure what all they have on hand at the moment.

    There are at least two scrap metal yards that I know had several old JD cultivators, but they won't sell any of it to the public.

    PM on the way.

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