John Deere B Governor Noise?
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Thread: John Deere B Governor Noise?

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    John Deere B Governor Noise?

    Bought a B awhile back that has been sitting for approx 20 yrs and history unknown. All the evidence points to an engine rebuild but never run, valves clean, new pistons, manifold painted and fresh hone. Found out the timing was 180 out, and now got it running but there is a rattling noise in the governor housing and it is getting warm. With the carb linkage unhooked, the arm seems to yank back and forth, is it supposed to? How can I tell if the fork in the governor is in the right place. I cranked it off a squirt of gas and no carb, while trouble shooting, hoping I didn't mess up having the linkage unhooked.
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    I'm no governor expert, and I have never been inside a B.
    From the governors I've seen the faster they spin, the more force the weights exert trying to fly out, and the linkage tries to shut the throttle. If you had the linkages disconnected, it would be my first guess that the weights flew too far out and need to be reset inside the governor inside of whatever mechanism the weights operate inside of. This is only a guess.
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