Seat Springs, not just for tractors!
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Thread: Seat Springs, not just for tractors!

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    Cool Seat Springs, not just for tractors!

    A recent customer had inquired about the dimensions of the 1-series seat springs, it was obvious by his questioning that it was not for a tractor but he bought them after I replied with the details he had requested. Today he sent me this email:

    Received the springs, Kenny. Thank you.

    I have a roughly 45 year old lounge chair with a spring tilt mechanism. The original spring is pretty much crushed:

    Itís a conical compression spring and measures 3Ē at the big side and about 1Ē at the small side. I looked everywhere, EVERYWHERE! For a replacement. The problem wasnít just matching the dimensions (which was trouble enough) but that I didnít know the spring-related essential details which are necessary, say, when youíre looking to have a spring made. Compression forces and free length and all sorts of parameters.
    I threw together a custom job using hardware store springs and a pair of circular metal discs (like a spring sandwich) and it actually worked ok but creaked a lot and didnít look very clean. I tried a motorcycle solo saddle spring, kind of a grenade shaped thing. It worked ok but didnít have enough force.
    So enter your seat spring. Iím not sure how I even found your site, but, the price was right and it seemed like something which may possibly do the trick. Long story (sorry) short, itís the best solution thus far. Since itís larger than the motorcycle spring, I could thread a regular tube-shaped compression spring down the middle of yours to increase the force. Itís working well and I have a spare!

    Later tonight Iíll sit down, tilt back, sip a beer, and enjoy my chair again.
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    That’s a feel good moment and whomever was nice enough to sent the response deserves to relax sit down and enjoy a beer.
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    Welcome to Intermission.

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    I'm guessing your market just opened up in another direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Levi View Post
    I'm guessing your market just opened up in another direction.
    Tractor accessories and 70's Disco Furniture repair parts!

    Click image for larger version.†

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    Based on information in the Good Morning thread Kennys springs might sell well in Wamart.
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    This should be in the ďwhatís making you smile todayĒ
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    After 13 hrs on my 1025r My backside would appreciate a ďbig boyĒ set of springs. I weigh 250 and slam that seat down every bump I hit. They must have made those springs for leprechauns
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