A Nice Gift for My Grandfather
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Thread: A Nice Gift for My Grandfather

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    A Nice Gift for My Grandfather

    Needless to say, since I have purchased 3 sets of hooks from Kenny...I am impressed with his product. It certainly gives options to individual like myself with limited welding skills as myself. With that said, I was back in Iowa earlier this summer visiting my grandfather when he asked I help him switch blades on his JD Z520. I was curious to see how this task would be accomplished. After parking his Z520, he asked me to drive his JD 5525 in front of it. I raised the bucket to about 3ft and tilted it to the furtherest back position. He then ran a log chain over the length of the bucket "hooking" the chain on the edge of the bucket and then secured the 2 ends of the chains to the arms supporting the front wheels of the Z520. I then proceeded to raise the bucket thus raising the front end of the mower in order that the blades could be accessed. It was at this point I jumped out of the tractor and politely asked for the ratchet in his hand. I instructed my boys to find a couple of 2 x 4's to support the deck in the event the chain let go. As they were doing this, I turned to my Grandfather and asked if this was how he normally handled this task. He looked at me, smiled and nodded. I stood there and just shook my head. It was at this point I realized that we needed to find a better way especially since I cannot be around every time he wants to change the blades and almost immediately Ken's hooks came to mind.

    I understand that was a long winded introduction to this posting and this weekend when we were back we presented my Grandfather with the hooks and installed them for him on his 5525. He was certainly appreciative as was my Grandmother.

    Ken, thanks again for not just making a great product but providing an opportunity for some well enjoyed bonding between my Grandfather, my boys and myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost in wisconsin View Post
    Ken, thanks again for not just making a great product but providing an opportunity for some well enjoyed bonding between my Grandfather, my boys and myself. lost
    You are welcome LIW, and thanks for the great story! You are one of the reasons I decided to start making these.

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