Eradicate Wild Violets!
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Thread: Eradicate Wild Violets!

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    Eradicate Wild Violets!

    Good morning fellow plush lawn aficionados!

    Short of an "all green killer", do any of you know a product that will kill wild violets in the lawn...AND spare the lawn? Nothing out there that I've tried works on those darn things . Sure they have pretty purple flowers...but I don't want them mucking up my lawn!!!

    Hopefully someone out there can help...


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    What about a dose of 2-4d, followed 2 days later by trimec, and followed 2 days later by 2-4d?

    The trimec is what kills them and if its the same thing I have had, the vines seem to live, but the constant spraying kills them.

    If that does not work, since wild violets are tough. Try Ortho MAX Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer Concentrate. You'll get your best results if you apply it in the spring, when weeds are actively growing.

    Then there is old faithful, Roundup Weed & Grass Killer. With either Ortho or Roundup, you will kill everything you spray it on.


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    Nukes 'em dead, and spares the grass. Crossbow will nuke just about everything EXCEPT grasses though, so mind the overspray and drift.
    Trees are safe if you keep it off any green tissues. This time of year, it will take 3-4 days before the nasty things take enough in to kill them, so use a good spreader sticker when you mix..Bonide sells a couple good adjuvants that will work nicely and you wont have to buy a gallon.

    It's essentially 2-4,D spiked with Triclopyr, so it's relatively safe in the yard.
    Just keep kids and pets out of the area for a couple days.

    Prices at TSC are ridiculous, and you'll save $$$ by finding a local ag supply shop.

    Good luck and happy Violet murdering!

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    Not that you want to do it, but if you dig them out before they go to seed they won't return. They don't bother me one bit in the lawn, but I actually dug a bunch of them out one year and moved them to flower beds. They do really well as zero maintenance ground cover and shrub borders.
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