Tree Pruning, Unwanted New Limb Growth
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Thread: Tree Pruning, Unwanted New Limb Growth

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    Tree Pruning, Unwanted New Limb Growth

    I have Burr Oak trees and I had these short limbs about 1-2 ft. growing out of the main trunk from about 4 feet off the ground all the way up to the first big limbs about 15 feet up. They are old and mature trees. I trimmed these limbs off this year back to the main trunk and now I have new sprouting limbs coming back. Is there something I can spray or put on these to help stop these new limbs from back and not damage or hurt the trees? It is a lot of work to trim these little sap suckers. I do not have a pole saw which would make work a lot easier. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    No real way to keep them from doing that.

    Just keep after them with the pole pruner and saw every Fall.

    Structron and Corona make good units and they aren't expensive. Power pole saws are a PITA, slow, and painfull back breakers for anything other than constant use. STRUCTRON Tree Pruner, Compoun: Home Improvement

    Good luck!

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    If the tree is in an open area and sunlight hits the lower trunk, there is no way to stop it that I know of. Some trees are less susceptible to it than others.
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