Lawn could be a mess please facilitate
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Thread: Lawn could be a mess please facilitate

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    Lawn could be a mess please facilitate


    I have simply stirred into my new property and it comes with a beautiful huge back garden. I actually have been anticipating the weather to clear in order that I will begin organizing the garden prepared for the summer.

    I have been checking the condition of the grass and it's terribly poor packed with weeds and nonvascular plant.

    I have checked out obtaining specialty into fixing it, however, to be honest, I enjoy husbandry and doing things myself, therefore, I assumed I might elicit recommendations on here.

    I have been told to follow these three steps.

    1) Scarify my lawn to get rid of the nonvascular plant.

    2)Then apply a weed killer over my field to kill all of the weeds.

    3)Feed the lawn.

    Does anybody have any recommendations on a way to get this all completed in order that we will have healthy grass for the summer?
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    Soil test

    I'm not sure what your non vascular plants are. If they are moss, then there is an underlying condition such as poor drainage, lack of sunlight or acid soil that must be corrected or at least mitigated to get healthy grass.

    Before doing anything else, I would take soil samples and have them tested. The sample process will help you know what type of soil you are dealing with from clay to loam to sand. The test results will tell you what nutrients are lacking or in oversupply. You won't know what to feed your lawn with unless you know what's already in the soil.

    If you are in an area that doesn't naturally grow grass, you might want to think about using native plants instead of grass or at least some of each with grass close to the house but natives over a large part of the yard. With enough time, effort and money you can grow grass anywhere but sometimes it just doesn't make sense to do so when native plants can be very attractive in their own way and take far less effort.

    Your local Cooperative Extension office can give you some good advice on what works in your location. They may also be able to help with the soil sample process by loaning out a sampling tool or giving you a list of local soil labs.

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