Show Us The STUMP You Removed Today,,,
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Thread: Show Us The STUMP You Removed Today,,,

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    Show Us The STUMP You Removed Today,,,

    We have enough stumps being removed, that a thread for us stump removers is needed
    so that we can show off our removal techniques.

    The previous owner of my house planted their balled "Christmas" tree, after the holidays,,,
    that was a popular thing to do back in the 1970's and 1980's

    The tree did no growth for about 3 years, then it took off.
    After 40 years, it was pretty big, then some bug killed it.

    I cut the tree off and removed the top, then I let it set for a couple years.

    The roots mostly rotted, and, I figured the stump was ready to be removed.
    I figured I would see what a little nudge from the IH 584 would do,,,

    I did not even get to spin a tire,,,

    I decided to move the stump to my logging lap pile,,,

    A little dirt was added, and the area is ready to be raked, after I pick up the sticks,,

    Show us your stump efforts!!
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    Some of the tractors include JD 4105, JD 855, JD 650,,,, and,,, the IH 584 4WD
    My favorite attachment is the homemade landplane,,, EVERYONE needs one of those!!

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    Started digging this one out by hand at 8am, finished by 11am

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    I pulled this one out on Monday with my 3025E and my truck. It's my neighbor's. He was digging it out by hand and the figured out how long the tap root was and asked for assistance which I was glad to do. I used my artillian hoe bucket and eventually my truck to pull it all the way out. It was kind of a beast. I had about 2 hours into it and I am sure he put 2 into before he got me. The root was so deep on this one I just about ran out of reach with my FEL and hoe bucket. A truck stump/tree bucket probably would have been better but you use what you have on hand.
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    Pile of stumps I pulled this spring.
    Rented a mini excavator and pulled them all in less than 5 hours.
    Right tool for the job and all that.
    Some small ones some bigger ones.
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    3 for the price of 1. These are the 2 larger of the 3 (the third one came out in pieces).
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    I removed the third of my 5 ash tree stumps. This was the biggest so far and had several large roots I had to cut with the saw in order to get to the next layer of roots below. After rolling it out of the hole, I knocked alot of the dirt off, picked it up with the pallet forks and put it next to the other 2 that I've removed so far.
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