Concrete vs Blacktop....
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Thread: Concrete vs Blacktop....

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    Concrete vs Blacktop....

    I love my 1023e with the 54" snowblower. I only wish I either had a blacktop or concrete driveway because of picking up stones while snow blowing! I know that there are members from all over the country and in Canada and other areas. I live in central NY and get freezing, thawing temps. My question to all of you knowledgeable people what is better Blacktop or Concrete? Blacktop requires maintenance (coating) where concrete seems to be more maintenance free. I have a fairly large driveway approx. 30' x 100' and another area for 5th wheel that is 20' x 60. I'm liking the idea of concrete but I think the cost is much more than blacktop. Just wanting opinions. Thanks
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    Concrete is definitely more durable, if it is installed properly, but is also much more expensive to install. Also, if you do concrete, do it in sections and be sure to put drainage stone under it, put wire mesh or rebar in it, and keep it covered while it cures.

    Blacktop is much more economical, can be patched easily, is pretty durable, and is much easier to put down. That said, yes you do have to seal it every few years but it really does last pretty long.

    It really depends on your budget as to which you want to do.
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    I have had both concrete & asphalt. I prefer asphalt. Concrete is not maintenance free. It may be for a few years, but when it starts going bad any repairs will stand out like a sore thumb.
    Concrete will settle if the base is not done correctly. Concrete will crack. Some ice melt will cause the top surface of the concrete to pop off. Stains can also be a problem with concrete.

    Asphalt can be easily repaired, re-coated & it will look like new.
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    I have blacktop, over 35 years old and it's showing its age. Worse part of asphalt, and probably concrete too, is that if not installed correctly will definitely show in a few years. My parents (now my brother's house) has concrete. I think much less maintenance over the years, but cracking and shifting does show up too over many years.

    The problem with my asphalt was (I believe) improper base and way too thin. It's the driveway that the builders put in when the house was built. I think the asphalt is only about 3 inches thick, and the driveway is quite wavy now and lots of cracks. Some area of the driveway also seem to be "hollow" underneath due to the sand base shifting. Sealing every few years helps, but that is also a bunch of work.

    If I had the money and/or time, my dream driveway would be pavers like Unilock. But then my driveway is only about 25 ft X 40 ft, so it's not too big of an area to cover. Second choice would be concrete, not as hot in the summer and no softening under the noon day sun.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    You might also contact your local county tax assessor, here in mid-MO they valuate gravel, asphalt and concrete(most $$$) differently.

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    Concrete every time.
    As stated above, the base and installation is the key to a quality long lasting product.

    Asphalt is not the best choice for a parking pad when stationary wheeled vehicles will be stored. Won't take many warm summer days to leave divots.
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    I agree with several other statements, obviously you can figure out the difference in cost yourself, a good base is the secret to either one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    You might also contact your local county tax assessor, here in mid-MO they valuate gravel, asphalt and concrete(most $$$) differently.
    In NY, there is no additional property tax on a blacktop driveway. Short answer-Its not real property if it can be picked up & moved or removed. Sounds crazy but its correct at least until four years ago.

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    I had blacktop on my first two houses and concrete on my last. As mentioned there is some maintenance with asphalt. Its not a huge deal but does take time and some expense to patch and seal it. I prefer the concrete in my situation as we have some larger equipment that would leave marks and divots in asphalt in hot weather. I even had a motorcycle tip as the kickstand sunk into the ground (dumb mistake on my part).Now I have concrete and so far it is holding up well to the traffic but time will tell.

    Part of the drive is gravel and I understand the annoyance of stone ending up in the grass. I use a blade on the back of the tractor facing backwards to avoid digging in as I have found that is the best solution so far.
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    I know it wasn’t on your list but you might want to look at tar and chip as well. If done right it will last a long time. My dads driveway went 20 some odd years with no maintenance. We just set the skids o. He blower for about a 1/4” clearance. Throwing stones wasn’t a concern.

    We are thinking’s our having our driveway done and I’m really thinking this will be what we do.

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