Rock & A Hard Place
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Thread: Rock & A Hard Place

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    Rock & A Hard Place

    Got between a rock and a hard place Sunday afternoon. I was removing my wife's clothesline structure that I put in back in the 80's. I got too close to the post as I was trying to lift it up. The bucket dug in and chain got tight. The pole was raised and 2.5' or so was still in the ground and would not go back down. Pushed, pulled and when I got off to look I saw this:
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    Nothing broke me loose except removing what hook bolt I could and then cutting the thread of the remaining bolt.
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    That worked. I see no way to totally fix the bucket and order a new one seems to be in my future.

    Don't do like I did.

    Thoughts anyone?

    The first picture is what I first observed, the damage was already done, I just had to get loose.
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    Catch the pole closer to the ground next time?

    Bummer, hate that happened to you.
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    bent bucket

    Gee wiz now ur starting to have murphy's law problems like me, can u heat that up and straighten it out, and then add a bolt on cutting edge to make bottom ridged again, may be cheaper then a new bucket! good luck big jim
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jim 55 View Post
    Gee wiz now ur starting to have murphy's law problems like me, can u heat that up and straighten it out, and then add a bolt on cutting edge to make bottom ridged again, may be cheaper then a new bucket! good luck big jim
    I would definately go this route, or at least try to.

    Get some quotes from local welding and fab shops to repair the bucket and perhaps weld on a hardened cutting edge. Shouldn't be that painful, certainly less than a new bucket.

    Curious, did you consider cutting the post by hand and if you weren't able to release it that way, pounding the post free from its bind betwixt bucket and chain?

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    I'd find a fabrication shop or machine shop that has a two post press big enough to slide the bucket through sideways, and see if they would straighten it. The cutting/scraping edge is the strongest part of the bucket, get it flat/straight and the rest will be straight.

    Next time you try to pull something out of the ground, curl the bucket all the way down as far as it goes, forget the hooks on the bucket, wrap the chain around the round tube behind the bucket, wrap it with a heavy blanket if you don't want scratches in the paint. Park with the bucket on the ground and right in front of the post/pole. Wrap the chain around the post/pole three times and hook the chain up with a foot of slack. Lift with the loader arms, not by curling the bucket.
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    Guess Kenny needs to call you when he needs something BETA tested from now on.
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    You can get in trouble quick..........

    Just wondering why you didn't cut the post vs. the hooks?
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    WOW! I agree with taking to a local shop, they should be able to straighten that for you.

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    You can straighten that lower bucket edge fairly easy. You might find a big boulder. Get the bucket centered and dig under it. Then curl up to relieve the bow.

    You could clamp a small I-beam under the lower edge and alternately draw the bowed section into place by drawing the c-clamps down.

    Find a sturdy tree somewhere. Engage the bucket lower edge and curl it up to relieve the bow.

    Been there. Done that.
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