What's the deal with Roundup?
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Thread: What's the deal with Roundup?

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    What's the deal with Roundup?

    I use a bit of Roundup here and there about 2-3 times a year to control some weeds in the gravel driveway and a few other places where it isn't practical to weed wack them. I'm talking 1-1/2 gallons in a hand sprayer.

    Lately I've been getting flak from friends and relatives because of a commercial they've been seeing on TV and on some social media outlets. You know the one, some legal firm apparently trying to drum up some business saying folks are dropping like flies after using Roundup. I recently used some to clear under growth behind a hedge that is otherwise inaccessible. The neighbor stopped over to ask me what I had used that did such a nice job. When I said Roundup he said "Oh! Isn't that the stuff your not supposed to use anymore?" He then mentioned all the commercials saying Roundup is bad. He had apparently already tried all the "edible" alternatives and found they didn't last more than a week before the weeds started to re-emerge. I said that I don't drink it, I just spray it on weeds. He laughed and said his next stop was Lowe's to get a bottle of concentrate. :-)

    So what's the deal? Is Roundup the cancer death serum that these ads make it out to be or is the whole thing a big scam by some law firm to drum up business?

    The common sense in me says if it really was THAT bad chances are you wouldn't still be able to purchase large quantities of concentrate at literally every hardware, farm and big box store. I also doubt farmers would still be spraying it on soy, corn, sugar beets, cotton and alfalfa. In addition, there are plenty of other glyphosate-based weed killers on the market.

    Common sense has me wearing rubber gloves whenever I handle the stuff and I wash everything up real good when finished.

    So what's the deal? Are my days numbered or is this just another example of fake news?
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    The deal is they have money. Lots of money.

    Any chemical is hazardous without proper protection but this is an evil chemical like big pharma.

    I would assume that many studies would show alcohol and smoking kills more people than any illegal drug. Compared to any other standard they would be illegal but there is revenue to be made in taxes. The big tobacco lawsuits were a long time ago you would think they would be starting up for the next generation soon. For now round up, hernia mesh and car accident will have to fill the gap.
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    It's like those artificial sweetners they tested on mice. If you're exposed to more than 100 times the recommended safe dose every single day for a long time, bad things can happen. (You can also drown yourself by drinking too much water!) I doubt there are significant risks for occasional users who don't drink or douse themselves in Roundup. Basic common sense that applies when using any chemical should suffice. I sure don't worry about it!
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    i haven't mixed or sprayed any round-up for 5 yrs now. in the back of my mind from reading and hearing so much negative stuff about, i think i gave our yellow lab cancer back then. i mean i didn't let her walk thru where i was spraying right at the time, but she was outside with me back them yrs, so did i cause her to get cancer

    since we got Charley boy i haven't mixed up any-vet told me after 2hrs it was ok for him to walk thru it--just hate to try it in my mind. don't want to go thru it again.

    i could use some at different areas here badly.

    i watch a lot of farm videos and they all mention how they stick their hands in the stuff-while mixing it-breathe it-and their still around-so.....................

    does anyone who uses it-has ur dogs ran thru it right after spraying on the grass ur wanting to kill?
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    A lot of the new big hate people have for roundup is because it's being linked to killing bees. Multiple countries in Europe has banned roundup (glyphosate) because of its link to the decline in bee populations.

    There is a cancer risk buts it's small to non existent for residential use. If you work a farm and handle larges amounts of the stuff and expose yourself to the spray repeatedly then you should be more careful.

    According to California everything causes cancer anyway.
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    Thanks for the post jgayman. I can't figure it out either.
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    A groundskeeper in California who used Roundup extensively over decades was awarded a huge settlement by a sympathetic California jury after he developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It was a tenuous verdict based on emotion, not science. This put the odor of money in the air, which was picked up by the extremely sensitive noses of personal injury attorneys all across the country. The science and cause/effect relationship is far from clear.
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    I use it on the driveway and around buildings to keep the weeds clear. There are other alternatives to use, I would think they would not be healthy for you either. I don’t use any on our garden or around our livestock areas.
    I grew up in the corn fields of Illinois and now live surrounded by corn fields. I’ve probably been exposed to lots of chemicals over the years just from location. Maybe Monsanto Roundup is the “Kleenex” or “Bush Hog” of the ag chemical world? Very recognizable name and all sprays are “Roundup” to most people? I know a few people that are hesitant about using Roundup but would be totally fine if you gave them glyphosate to use instead.
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    EPA evaluatoin

    The EPA recently completed yet another study of the risks and concluded that it was non-carcinogenic when used according to label directions: EPA's evaluation of the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate | Science Inventory | US EPA .

    It's not 100% safe, nothing is. However as long as you follow the label both you and your pets should be fine. I would discourage pets from going in a sprayed area until it has a chance to dry. After than, I would worry about it.

    As others have said, lawyers see the risk of not collecting millions in fees if they don't advertise. To them, all that lovely money is sitting there just waiting to be handed over if only they get the right case and the right jury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacCool View Post
    A groundskeeper in California who used Roundup extensively over decades was awarded a huge settlement by a sympathetic California jury after he developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It was a tenuous verdict based on emotion, not science. This put the odor of money in the air, which was picked up by the extremely sensitive noses of personal injury attorneys all across the country. The science and cause/effect relationship is far from clear.
    With their heads that far up there, you wouldn't think they could smell that well.
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