Annual Chestnut harvest
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Thread: Annual Chestnut harvest

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    Annual Chestnut harvest

    For any of you with Chestnut trees you know how much "fun" they are. Starting with the "pipe cleaner" mess and finishing with the chestnuts and spiny hulls all over the ground. We have one fairly large tree and it really makes a mess.

    This year's chestnut harvest seems to be heavier than previous years. I was able to gather close to 40 lbs. of chestnuts in the past 8 days. Last year it was a struggle to get even 15 pounds as three squirrels took over the tree early on and worked round the clock to pick everything clean. They would hang from the limbs like a Christmas ornament and chew open the hulls while they were still on the tree. Oddly, I have not seen a single squirrel this year but we have other critters moving in. I would estimate there are 20-25 little piles of poop all around the tree. Some are piles of pellets (deer) and there are tons of deer tracks along with it. The others are distinct turds and others are piles of pudding - I have no idea what these are.

    I have no use for the chestnuts but have a friend who has a big family and they all love them. So each year I spend a week or so gathering them up. I still have to continue gathering up the empty hulls which will amount to several hundred pounds until it's all over.
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    I wish I had some chestnut trees around my place. I wouldn't want one in the yard but the woods behind the house would be fine. I'd love to be able to gather up 30 or 40 lbs of them. I guess I could plant some but I don't want to have to wait 40 years. I'll trade ya for a couple hundred lbs of acorns!
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