thinking of a plan
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Thread: thinking of a plan

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    thinking of a plan

    Ok, so here is what I am thinking. I live on a developed acre + of land. My neighbors yard flooded my back yard during rains, so I hired a contractor to dig a shallow swale to drain the water to the road ditch. While I was at it I had three dump truck loads of dirt delivered to build up a playground area for the grandson. Everything was going fine until it rained; then my dirt pile turned into a big dirt clod. That's when I bought my 316 tractor with the mower deck and tiller attachment and gave a buddy my Saber.

    So, now what to do with this equipment besides mow the lawn, because I really like running it (I'd like it better if it had a cup holder). A couple of the guys at work suggested I hire out putting in small gardens - anyone out there do that? I am trying to figure out what to charge and also, in OK am I too late for this year? My wife and I are not green thumbs, heck, we can kill plastic flowers.

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    The 316 is a nice little workhorse. I think you'll enjoy it pretty good.
    As far as putting in "gardens", why not ask your local City Council if they have a piece of land that you could till for free, and try to help start a community garden? A good honest gesture like that might go a long ways.
    It gives the older crowd something to do vs: setting home all day bored and watching T.V., and helps the younger generation learn about the values of tending a garden and reaping the benefits at harvest time.
    Just a thought.......
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