Anyone got a Limbinator?
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Thread: Anyone got a Limbinator?

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    Anyone got a Limbinator?

    I saw a hydraulic pole saw on a mass mounted to a CUT loader at the fair yesterday. Called a "Limbinator". Looked pretty nifty. Anyone got one? Close to 2K though (ouch).
    Looks like it needs between 5 and 8 gpm.
    I thought it was cool that the chain gets lubricated from the tractor hydraulic oil.
    I think I would fill my tractor hydraulic system with Stihl bar oil, so the chain would last longer.

    Edit: I meant to say, I would fill YOUR tractor with bar oil.
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    A friend of mine runs a tractor shop, and installed one of those on a Kubota for a customer. He had a very substantial cost just in the diverter valve and hydraulic system to run the attachment, I think that alone was close to $15-1,800.00. He used an electric diverter valve off of a rear remote line if I recall properly.

    I don't see the use for one, but I guess there's a need somewhere. Seems to me that you would spend more time positioning the tractor to make the cut than you would doing the job with a regular pole saw from the ground. If you were trimming along a fenceline, once you made the cut, you would have to get off the tractor and move the limb, unless you drove over or around it.

    Your mileage may vary.

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