4410 Right rear tire locked up!
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Thread: 4410 Right rear tire locked up!

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    4410 Right rear tire locked up!

    I was out snow blowing in my 4410 and I pressed in my right bake to offset me sliding a little. I smashed in the petal pretty good and my tire locked up on me. I kept trying to pump the pedal to get the brake to disengage but it would not. I finally locked in the differential and got it moving, but it sure did put quite the load on the motor. Got it in my garage to get warmed up. hoping that it was just iced over. 12 hours later it was still seized. The pedal seems to spring back so I feel like there is nothing wrong with the spring. I went to the linkage points (that I could get to) and they all seem good. I shot a lot of Wd40 around all the of the moving connections. I've let the heater warm up that side of the tractor for the last 48 hours. Just checked it a few minutes ago and it is still locked up.

    Any other thing to try that may result in a fix? I'm sure hoping I don't have to sending it to the dealer.

    P.S. I got 3 inches of snow this morning and I had to clear it off by hand and shovel!!

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    Welcome to GTT.
    Look at where the brake actuators go through the rear final gear case, #3 in the drawing they can get seized in the bore. Also, try something better than WD40, products like Fluid Film, Kroil, or PB Blaster are far better for this.
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    SUPER!!! Climbed under the tractor to get a good shot of PB Blaster on the actuator. Had my 10 year old pump the pedal as I used a rubber mallet to work the arm back and forth and it loosened right up. Thanks so much for your assistance in the matter.

    I've been an avid GTT guest for many years. I also watch TTWT and he is always encourages the use of this forum. Decided to dive into the pool and get more involved. Thanks again!!!!
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