4720 EGR delete
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Thread: 4720 EGR delete

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    4720 EGR delete

    Hi All,

    My first post! I own an acreage in N Alberta and use a 2011 JD 4720 for acreage tasks. I'm tired of the black oil, I have always deleted my Diesel trucks and that improved the oil quality considerably.

    How do I delete the EGR on my 4720 tractor? I tried a search and did not come up with anything on this site.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Welcome to GTT,
    We have never had a thread like that on GTT before, not saying it can't be done but there are no "kits" available to do it so you'd be in uncharted waters.

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    There is a guy on youtube who does it. Look up tractor emissions delete and see if oyu can find him. I don't remember his name, but he does it on all kinds of stuff- tractors, trucks, etc.
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    It's easy to delete the emissions, it's the tuning of the computer that's the tricky part...

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    Guess as a last resort you could call the Canadian equivalent of the US's EPA and get some pointers.
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    I would love to delete after warranty is out. But it will not be easy. Not only would you have to remove the specific emission items, you would have to find a way to "fool" the ECM/PCM into thinking the sensor parameters were correct too. This is essentially what has been done in the diesel auto/ truck world and it is getting more costly (and more risky) to do. Most auto manufacturers have operated with a variant of OBDII since 1996 making tuning and mods much cheaper to do. And economies of scale work too because there are so many more customers or potential customers. I would suspect there are far fewer tractor or AG customers, and those that there are may have several different brands that each have a proprietary engine management program. That would make creating a delete program quite expensive. Some key players in the diesel tuning and modification business here in the U.S. have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few years too. It really stinks that low hour users like most people on this forum are required to have an expensive emissions system on tractors that often only see 50-100 hours a year. But as I have said before, what do you expect from lawmakers or bureaucrats that have spent nearly their entire lives in politics or college? The real test of how long a tractor will last or will be economically feasible to own will be when your 25 year old tractor in otherwise good condition needs a $5000 DPF...or an obsolete ECM or some other out-of-production electronic emission or safety device. I have driven a diesel truck since 1984. Next year when I am "up" for a new truck, it will be an F350 with Ford's "new" old school 7.3 cast iron pushrod MPFI GAS engine which will be available this fall. DEF fluid, DPFs, check engine lights and $10000 in added cost have worn out their welcome here. But I am keeping my 2012 non-DEF Cummins and deleting it. And I should add what most people on this forum already know and that tractors 25hp and less are emissions exempt.
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