3039r Fuel Sending Unit Problems
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Thread: 3039r Fuel Sending Unit Problems

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    3039r Fuel Sending Unit Problems

    Hi all! Having an issue with my fuel sending unit and I need some direction on this. About a week ago, i noticed that my fuel gauge was pegged out on full. Didn't remember filling the tank, and didn't really think much about it. It stayed on full for about 3 days, and I began thinking something wasn't right! I couldn't see any fuel in the tank so I added about 5 gallons and couldn't see any fuel next to the filler neck.

    Long story short....I unplugged the fuel sending unit from the gauge, and fuel gauge dropped to empty. Grounded out the sending wire, and it shot up to full. Decided to drop the tank and when I drained the tank, I had less than a gallon of fuel in the tank even though the gauge showed full.

    I've worked on trucks and cars with faulty sending units, so I didn't think this would be a hard fix. So I dropped the tank and to my surprise, the fuel sending unit is 3 feet long! And it has no float! Strange looking contraption! I don't know how this sending unit is suppose to work. I only have 340 hours on the tractor and a faulty sending unit that cost about $240 to replace.

    I'm looking for any advice on how to fix this (without spending the ridiculously high price), or if someone could explain to me how this unit is suppose to work.

    I'll try and attach a pic of the sending unit, but there aren't that many on the web.

    Again, there is no float on this unit, just a hollow tube with a rod in the center. I am clueless!
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