Rockshaft control lever stop - GRRRR
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Thread: Rockshaft control lever stop - GRRRR

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    Rockshaft control lever stop - GRRRR

    I can't be alone here -

    The stop is a small cam level with a tiny section of metal mounted below the deck to stop the rockshaft control lever at the same point each time (Just making sure I am saying the right thing here)

    Well, mine is a piece of cow excrement
    It is flimsy - even I have trouble getting repeatable results
    It doesn't reach all the way across the control lever channel allowing my wife to bypass the stop completely therefore turning the front of a rotary cutter into a plow

    What is the fix?

    Taking it apart and putting on a larger piece of metal? any idea on what works?
    Replacing the cam and clip with a bolt and some sort of nut/handle to tension it and make it more rigid?
    Combination of both?
    Charleston, SC

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    The depth control is the same on mine. A pos. Wish draft control was an option on the 3 series.
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