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    Just bought my 3038e, dropped off last week (in the UK) love it, next to add all the bits i probably should have ordered.

    One thing i didnt get was a manual - the dealer (not my local one as they couldnt do a good deal) has gone quiet and sent me a link to the online one, should it have had a paper manual?

    next question - how hard is the power beyond kit to fit - should i get the local dealer to do it?

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    Yes, you should have a paper manual for each item, so one for the tractor, one for the loader (if you got one) ect, Sometimes they are in front of the radiator, so look around carefully.

    I can't comment on the PB, but generally they are not hard to install, but the dealer will need to print instructions for you since they do not include them in the packaging anymore.

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