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    Exclamation 3032E Error Code 157.16

    I have a 3032E and when I was mowing the ditch three weeks ago the tractor sputtered and died. Thinking I was out of fuel walked back got the fuel and my son to drive the Gator out and myself out. Fueled up the tractor it showed the error code 157.16 for a minute and then it reset. Ran the tractor the rest of the day without an issue. Went to now again a week later and when I started it up it threw the code again and started running in limp mode. I then noticed the fuel separator had water in it. Drained it out cleaned it tried restarting but code was still there. Changed both fuel filters and flushed out fuel tank. Tried to restart but code is still there. Read a couple of posts to try and reset, like leaving it sit for a while, disconnect battery, but code remains. Dealer wants me to bring it in but I can not afford a $500 repair bill for them to just reset it. Any body have a suggestion.

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    From the John Deere TractorPlus iPhone app:

    157.16 ECU is: Rail pressure limiter is open. Engine power limited. Engine speed limited. Active exhaust filter cleaning unavailable. Call your John Deere dealership. The warning lamp should be a stop indicator.

    I have no idea what a Rail pressure limiter is but a phone call doesn’t always mean you have to take it in. Some techs may tell you how to reset it if you talk to the right one. Unlikely, but it’s possible.

    Good luck,
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    I moved your post to a new thread, its a different tractor and different error code than the other thread you posted in.

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