3038r - 3 issues, any ideas?
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Thread: 3038r - 3 issues, any ideas?

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    Question 3038r - 3 issues, any ideas?

    Hi, I recently bought a JD3038r and have 3 issues with it which Iíd like to try and resolve myself. If not itís off to the dealer.
    1. The temperature gauge on the dash doesnít register the temperature when Iím using the tractor. When I turn on the machine it swings to the right as does the gas gauge but after that nothing. Think itís probably a sensor issue but value any ideas?
    2. The front and rear hydraulics donít work. I have bled each coupler for airlocks. Pump issue?
    3. Yesterday I pushed a screwdriver into the hood hole to release the hood and the rod fell in so I canít now open the hood is there any easy way in without wrecking the hood or grill?
    Thanks in advance.

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    This might help with problem #3.


    You'll likely get better results if you post your questions in the LCUT thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rtgt View Post
    This might help with problem #3.


    You'll likely get better results if you post your questions in the LCUT thread.
    I don't know anything specific about a 3038 so I'll say up front these are wild guesses but might give you some room for thought.

    I hope someone can help you out on the hood issue so you can get under the hood. Then you can implement the updated push rod. If you can peek under the side enough to see the push rod that's dropped down or see the catch you might possibly use a parts grabber and/or a wire to get it open.

    If you can get the hood open, I'd check the voltage coming to the gauges, both when you first turn the key and when it's running. You could have no voltage going to the sending unit, a bad sending unit, a break in the wire between the sender and the gauge, a bad ground on the gauge or a bad gauge. Possibly it could even be a bad switch key so you will have to sort out where the problem originates by using a volt meter at each place. Start with where the system should get power and make sure it's hot at that stage and the go to the next step.

    Some additional info on the hydraulics would be helpful. Is it just the remotes that aren't working correctly? Does the 3ph work correctly both empty and with a load?

    Check the operators manual to make sure there isn't a control that would affect operation. There may be a rate of drop control or draft sensor or something else that could be set incorrectly. Without knowing your machine my best advice is to read the operators manual on hydraulics and make sure you have everything correct.

    If the 3ph works correctly with a load, it's probably not the pump but the first check is always the fluid level. Then it's looking at the fluid for contaminants. Drain a little bit, maybe a cup from the reservoir after the tractor has been sitting and examine it for contaminants. It should be a uniform color and not show any milkiness or contaminants. If it's a used tractor but new to you, I'd change the filter and hydraulic oil. Check and clean any in line screen and absolutely look for any metal flakes in the screen or on a magnet if the system has one. If you've already changed the fluid or you know the system is clean this step can be moved down the list.

    If you have a FEL, lower it and take any pressure off the system and disconnect all connections. Clean each one and inspect the O rings for dirt, cuts and rough spots before reconnection. I'd do one set at a time and test for functionality and them move to the next set.

    If things still aren't working, get a hydro pressure gauge for your tractor and test each port. (Kenny D at Bolt On Hooks sells them.) If your 3 ph works but not the remotes, the issue is in the connections, lines or valves. If nothing works, it's the pump, relief valve or internal lines which would be very bad news indeed but until you isolate the issue it's all just a guess.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Moved to the proper forum.
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    - Jason

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