175 Hydro Mower Lift Lock
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    175 Hydro Mower Lift Lock

    I have recently acquired a JD 175 Hydro Lawn Tractor. The mower lift lever doesn't lock in the up position. I took a quick look underneath and saw that the latch (Item 3) was only attached to the rod (item 5). It appears that the latch is supposed to pivot around the cap screw (item 1) and spacer (item 2). The cap screw is missing and the spacer is still attached to the latch. My questions are: (1) Is this just a regular hex head screw, (2) does the latch rotate around the spacer or do latch and spacer rotate around the screw and (3) is the hole on the lever bracket for the screw threaded? I could look underneath again and answer number 3 myself but my guess is it is threaded since there is no nut on the other side. I have already found where I can order the missing screw. However, I will not spend close to $10 on a simple fastener I can get for $0.50 at a hardware store.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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