Starter issues on a CV15/ CV16
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Thread: Starter issues on a CV15/ CV16

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    Starter issues on a CV15/ CV16

    Hi everyone,

    To try and make a long story short, I acquired a used LT160 for a property we bought about a year ago and have a LT150 I mow my in town property with.
    About two weeks ago I tried to start the 160 up for the first time this year and all it would do when I turned the key to start, s bump the motor, not crank, just a bump of the motor. It was acting like battery was dead. After cleaning cables, charging the battery, etc I pulled the starter off and found the Bendix was stuck in the out position. I pulled the starter off of the 150 and put it on the 160 and 160 cranked right over and started....
    I took a plastic handle from a screwdriver and tapped the Bendix gear from the stuck starter and it broke free, the gear is fairly sloppy on the starter shaft. I took it to the local JD dealer and they wanted $204.00 plus tax for a new starter and $100.00 for a Bendix gear kit.
    I ended up taking the starter home, lubing it up and putting it on the 150 and it seems to be working.

    After looking on line I can purchase a non Green starter for about $40.00 including shipping.

    My question is-
    1. I see there is both a 10 and 13 tooth Bendix gear option. I took a photo of the starter that came off of the 160 before putting it on the 150 and it has 13 teeth. I did not compare the one from the 150 before I put it on the 160, however it sounded good and started right up. Should I pull it off to see if it's got the correct amount of teeth???? The 160 has a CV16 and the 150 has a CV15.
    2. Where can I look up the part numbers for both of the starters on these motors and see if it tell be how many teeth the Bendix gear should have??

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
    2016 3038E
    D160XLV loader
    Frontier RB2072- 6' blade
    LT160, 42" deck
    LT150' 38" deck

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    Did you try JD parts or if it is a briggs their site.

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