2006 X300 fuel or vac problem
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Thread: 2006 X300 fuel or vac problem

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    2006 X300 fuel or vac problem

    Hello all, my neighbor lady brought me her x300 because it wasnt running right. Starts, runs but feels like it's just about to starve for fuel. If you engage the blades it dies right away. Pulled fuel pump vac line as it wasn't tight on the intake stub. Replaced the pump and vac line but still trouble. Pulled the carb as it felt like it might be sucking air at the back carb gasket. Replaced but to no avail. I'm feeling like its either running so lean that any load kills it right away or that it's got a vacuum leak causing the same thing. Also new filter and free flowing line. I don't want to just tell her to take it in as she's a widow and probably close to 80. I also don't an to just throw parts at it. Suggestions? Thanks, 1

    Oh, the idle is fairly smooth with a studder randomly every 3 to 6 seconds.

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    Is there anything blocking the fuel line in the tank.Pull the line off before the filter and see what kind of flow you have.Push some air back through and see if there is a difference in the flow.

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