Synthetic motor oil for X738
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Thread: Synthetic motor oil for X738

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    Synthetic motor oil for X738

    I only have 14 hours on my 2016 x738. I did the 8 hour break in oil change with John Deere 10w-30 motor oil. Thinking about switching to synthetic motor oil for my next oil change and. I use mobile 1 full synthetic motor oil in all my vehicles. Does anyone else use synthetic oil in these tractors?

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    I use Deere's Plus50 0W40 synthetic in my x758 and have since the initial oil change at 50 hours (initial oil change on diesels is longer). I see no reason why you can't use any oil of your choosing as long as it matches the type specified in the owner's manual. For instance, on my diesel x758 the manual specifies: "API Service Classification CJ or higher". I'm sure that's different for your gas engine, but you get the picture.

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    I don't have an X738 however, I've used synthetic oils in commercial mowers for years with great results. I've used Amsoil since 1978 in everything with outstanding results.

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    You can use whatever you want as long as it meets the specs and full synth is fine. I just buy the maintenance kit and use whatever they have in it, it is the JD oil they recommend. I do use full synth in all my other machines excluding my dozer and backhoe and i have never had an issue and I don't burn oil either even in my old Husky 18 horse. That thing still runs like it's brand new and it's a 1983 machine. Just shows you take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.. Have fun JT
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultra7350 View Post
    I only have 14 hours on my 2016 x738. I did the 8 hour break in oil change with John Deere 10w-30 motor oil. Thinking about switching to synthetic motor oil for my next oil change and. I use mobile 1 full synthetic motor oil in all my vehicles. Does anyone else use synthetic oil in these tractors?

    there are generally 5 groups of base oil 1-5 most oils today fall in the group 3 range. most car oils are formulated for best fuel economy. lots of syn fall under group 3. 4 is better 5 is best being ester base stocks. Redline oil is the only group 5 i know of. amsoil falls between a group 3 and 4 good oil yes but the best no you can buy redline for same price. but my point being is not all syns are the same. syns are not 100% created in a lab from nothing. groups 1-4 still come from crude oil. but they break down the oil and get rid of the broken hydrocarbon chains and leave the intact ones.
    any oil thats a group 3 base oil or above will do a fine job in todays engines. but additive packs do vary.

    broken hydrocarbon chains attach themselves to water particals which makes corrosion and the oil viscosity suffers. so the more bad chains they get out the better so do some research on the oil you wanna use you might be surprised what you getting for your money. not even touching on additive packs.

    do i use syns in my tractors no to costly and some are not the best suited for your intended use and the extended oil change thing is a bit overlooked as well as the oil does get contaminated and the add pack breaks down over time..

    i normally use diesel rated oil it has a much stronger additive package then car only rated oil and normally at least a group 3 base oil. you can get top quailty no syn 15w40 for around 13$ a gallon a real bargain. you can get it in syn as a 5w40 for around 20$ a gallon. also rottella makes a 10w30 or you can get a straight 30wt those are the most easily available grades

    will synthetics cause your engine to leak oil? todays seals and gaskets have long been formulated for syns. if people get a leak after switching to syntetics its normally caused by the oils stronger additive pack which can clean sludge out from around seals that was keeping worn seals from leaking
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    Picked up my X738 last week and have 3.8 hrs on it. I'm going to order Amsoil for it this week and probably will change it next week around the 8 hr mark. Been using Amsoil for a few years now and won't use anything else. I think I will also use it in the transmission at the 50 hr mark. Very happy with Amsoil. It is top quality stuff.
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