Best way to clean 455 motor?
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Thread: Best way to clean 455 motor?

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    Best way to clean 455 motor?

    I have a 455 that I inherited from my dad. I ordered a maintenance kit from Green Farm Parts and got to work. When I removed the side panel I honestly missed the sediment bowl when looking to replace the fuel filter because of the dirt and grease. Let me add here, that this newbie to the world of tractors had to go to the manuals and YouTube, but did find it. I've started to wipe it down and blow it off with the air compressor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you can see, I can't see into the sediment bowl and even though I've removed a lot of dirt, plenty remains.

    So, what's the best way to clean the engine and the bowl? Power wash, a foam cleaning spray? I'm wondering what people here recommend before just jumping in. Is there anything to watch out for?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I used a engine cleaning foam/degreaser found at an auto parts store followed up with a pressure wash that was from a little distance away. You don't want to get too carried away when using high pressure to clean under the hood.
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    Before hitting it with water, make sure engine has cooled down some. Don't wash a hot engine! You can develope engine/injector pump problems.
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    If the dirt isn't caked on there too bad I like to give the COLD engine a good spray with something like Fantastik, leave it soak for 5 mins or so and then hit it with the regular garden hose. It's amazing how much gunk this will remove.

    This works extremely well with newer equipment if you don't let the engine get too grimy to start with. Regular gentle baths will keep things clean and normally won't cause any harm.

    I usually follow up the rinse with a good blow out with the air compressor or leaf blower.
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