Seafoam to the rescue.
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Thread: Seafoam to the rescue.

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    Seafoam to the rescue.

    When using the JD345 for mowing the last couple of times, it seemed like the engine was running a bit rich.
    After just getting ready to mow today with deck engaged, it appeared the engine was running a bit rougher than before.
    Shut everything down for investigating. Oil check first, even though I knew it was good. Plenty of gasoline in tank. Flow of gasoline thru filter appeared to be fine. Scratching head at this point. My experience has been to grab the can of Seafoam, add half can to the fuel tank and be Happy. Resumed mowing, never to hear a sputter again.

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    Dodged the bullet as they say! Lol.

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    I usually keep a bottle of the stuff around at all times.
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    Good stuff. Sea foam is hard to beat.
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    I use a small amount of the stuff 2 or 3 times a year in all our gas engines regardless if I need to or not.
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    Yup, love the stuff. They say not to run it in a outboard. But have done so once/twice a year with no problems on a full tank. Clears up most of the ailments in most engines.
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    I've heard nothing but good things about SeaFoam, both here and from Leroy, a church buddy. I use it now and then when there's an issue. I watched a video on youtube the other day of a guy changing his Dodge diesel fuel filter. Removed the old and inserted the new into the canister. Then rather than filling the canister with diesel for starting he added a can of SeaFoam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfox View Post
    When using the JD345 for mowing the last couple of times, it seemed like the engine was running a bit rich.
    My 345 is running fine but I'm going to add half a can to my next full tank. Great tip.
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