GT225 Grinding on start after fuel problem
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Thread: GT225 Grinding on start after fuel problem

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    GT225 Grinding on start after fuel problem

    The fuel line plug on my GT225 had eroded and was spilling out fuel preventing it from starting. I couldn't get it to hold enough fuel to start it. Since I've fixed the seal, the tractor won't start. It clicks when you turn the key to the on position, as expected but when trying to start it, it grinds. Any thoughts on if this is related to the fuel issue or if I just happen to be having another issue at the same time?

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    Nope. Sounds like your starter is acting up. Could be a weak battery, could be the starter solenoid or could be a missing tooth or two on a ring gear. That grinding is almost certainly the starter gears trying to engage to turn the engine. For whatever reason, it isn't fully engaging and catching the teeth on the ring gear.

    The fuel system wouldn't have anything to do with that.

    You may just need to throw a charger on your battery. If the battery is weak it may not have enough "ooomph!" to push that starter gear into place properly.
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