just added to my JD stable...
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Thread: just added to my JD stable...

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    just added to my JD stable...

    fate played its hand and my sears lawn tractor threw a rod.... i only changed the iol maybe 15 hours ago too.....but I bought it used in the spring...I use it about 6 hours a weekend at least, more when i was thatching the yard..i went through three belts...I had to cut out all the junky blade barakes.... they were useless...and there was a niose in the rear when i leaned over in a sharp trun....so instead of just buying a $600 B&S replacement engine...I looked for a new tractor...i just bought this house in dec and I am cutting about 6 acres of grass!!

    i went to LOWES and they had a demo-repaired sale going on...This JD D170 had 2 hours on it....it just would not go one time when it was started...the dealer fixed it...and the owner got a new tractor... this one went on discount....$2800 normnall...I paid $1900... and I get the full bumper to bumper warranty for 2 years..

    54 " cut....that should cut down the grass cutting time..it is so quiet and it has a 25 hp engine.. i dont plan to plow snow haul dirt, JUST cut grass( i have a JD 750 compact tractor for heavy work.)

    so I didnt think I needed a Premium( read $4000 + tractor)...

    i have 6.5 hours on it in one day already!!

    lets hope i keep my smile for a while

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    John Deere 750 tractor, with #67 FEL , #7 backhoe, (sold)
    John Deere #35 back blade,
    York 6ft rake.
    John Deere D170 lawn Tractor 54" cut.
    John Deere 4300 HST,with 430 loader.
    John Deere 48 backhoe
    post hole digger

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    Sounds like a good deal Good luck with it.

    2011 1026R/R4's -- H120 FEL/49" -- 260 BH/12" -- Bro-Tek Ripper -- Artillian Forks/42" -- 244 lbs JD Rear Wheel Weights -- KBOH Hooks and Clevis' --
    Block heater -- 180* T-stat -- Evans HP Waterless Coolant

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    Congrats, sounds like a good deal
    2009 JD 2305 w/ Femco folding ROPS,Power Beyond Kit, KBOH, 54"MMM, 47" Snowblower, 200CX Loader w/ BB, Powerhorse 12 ton Logsplitter and King Kutter tool carrier and 17P kart
    2009 Cub Cadet/Yanmar ex3200, Land Pride 60” land plane and 60” finish mower, worksaver posthole digger w/ 9” auger, “The thumb” add on grapple, third function valve and KBOH of course

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    I have the D160 , one model down from your's and it works fine for mowing. Initially I tried to use it a couple of times for hauling dirt in a 10 cu. ft. cart and pulling a couple of small shrubs but it really just didn't cut it for me with that sort of work. You got a good deal and that thing will eat up a lot of lawn pretty quickly. Plus, it's fun to drive around.
    D160 Mower/Bagger.
    2014 2032R tractor/H130 FEL w/Bolt-On Hooks/54" Snow Plow/iMatch Quick-Hitch/County Line 5' Scraper blade/County Line Carry-All/Artillian 42" Forks & QH Adapter/JD Ballast Box/Frontier SB1164 3PH Blower/Leinbach PHD/Wallenstien BX42 Chipper

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    Sounds like a good deal to me hope it serves you well

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    A lot of people seems to frown on the 100 series, but mine is 1 step down with the 23" rears, 48" deck, K46 TT hydro, and 25HP (more like 20 LOL). Rides nice, its paid for, I just stripped the green deck off and repainted it, looks new. The factory powdercoat flaked on all and any edges. I had it tarped and covered for a couple of years and it trapped a lot of moisture. I also didn't (now do) blow all the grass clippings out after mowing.
    Just picked up a snowblower last year and that thing blows, loaded the tires with WW fluid, chains, and suitcase weights and it handled the 14" wet April snow just fine. End of the season I added a winch to raise and lower the blower.

    400 hours in 7 years, move thousands and thousands of pounds of firewood, shingles, dirt, in my cart

    Take care of 2 properties and sometime the neighbors, too.

    Replace the hydro fluid with a nice 0w50 synthetic ASAP and every 200 hours and you'll be fine.

    Too bad I had to give it to the wife so I could get my new toy.

    155c w/42" snowblower, lawn sweeper, cart 'n stuff
    2032r w/H130 and 61" bucket, frontier forks, 46 backhoe, subsoiler, 3point receiver hitch
    Triton 16-7 trailer

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