Difference between Hydrostatic & normal engines?
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Thread: Difference between Hydrostatic & normal engines?

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    Question Difference between Hydrostatic & normal engines?

    Whats the difference?
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    one transmits power (Hydrostatic is a type of transmission) and the other generates power (engine).
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    Hydrostatic is a type of transmission, and of course, an engine is an engine. I think you mean what's the difference in an hydrostatic transmission and a gear drive transmission. A hydrostatic transmission uses hydraulic fluid and a pump to generate power to the differential. Basically no clutch is needed to change gears, all you have to do is move either a lever or a pedal to go in the direction you want to go. The more you pushed the lever or pedal, the faster you go. You can go from forward and reverse just by either reversing the direction of the lever or by pushing down on a different pedal. The newer tractors uses pedals while the older hydrostatics used a lever.

    A gear drive will involve a clutch and you need to stop the tractor and then select a different gear to change speeds or direction. A bit more time consuming, but effective.

    There are other type drives, i.e. Automatic, Variable speed, etc., but those are just variations of the gear drive. Some brands call their hydrostatic drive tractors, "automatics", but others like Cub Cadet called their variable speed gear drives "automatic" also.

    There are more sophisticated and technical explanations, but that's it in a nut shell, amateur like myself version.
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