From Yugo to Mercedes-Benz, or was I financially stupid?
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Thread: From Yugo to Mercedes-Benz, or was I financially stupid?

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    From Yugo to Mercedes-Benz, or was I financially stupid?

    I've been unhappy with my 2005 L(emon)-130 BBM (Big Box Mart) grade of Deere lawn tractor I bought in 2005. I have been trying to convince myself to replace it for many years, and not with another BBM grade mower such as a D(ud)-1xx series.

    So I went from a Yugo to a M-B by treating myself to a X754 with 60" deck with auto-connect. I want this one to last me out, which I know any BBM mower won't unless it sits unused. My L130 died after I ordered the replacement, and a gearhead neighbor is going to buy it for parts, or fix whatever is ailing the fuel system.

    I got 16.25% off MSRP and 0% - 60 months financing.

    I got to use it today for about an hour before the rains came. Hopefully I can finish up tomorrow; but this rig is light-years ahead of a BBM mower and makes mowing so much easier, especially around trees and other obstacles. A couple of the pictures show how much the Russian Sage (tumbleweeds) have grown since the L130 croaked.
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    I don't know much about Deere's garden tractors, thankfully a bunch of folks here are experts on them.

    That said, as for financially stupid I look at it like this; If it's something you want, and you have the expendable funds to purchase it with all your finances in order then buy it and enjoy it. Fun, whether it's a night out at the movies, vacation trip to some far off land, a couple bottles of wine with some dear old friends, or a truck/ tractor/ widget that you've always wanted; fun costs money and if your house is in order then that's okay.

    They say you never see a hearse towing a U-Haul, but they don't stuff the contents of your bank account in there either.
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    Your mileage may vary.

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    That's a pretty sizable jump!

    But if ya weren't happy with the L-130 and this one makes ya happy and you can afford it... why not?
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    Sweet. Enjoy
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    Congrats on the new tractor! It looks great. I hope it brings you many years of smiles. Or in your case, maybe you won't be ticked off every time you mow.
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    Life is short if it makes you happy go for it. Nice tractor.

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    You spend a lot of time mowing, why not have something that makes the job enjoyable. I think you made a fine choice! Now get out there and enjoy it! I bet you never think twice about it.

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    Wow nice

    Ya know it is good for one's mental health to smile while playing (working of course) on one's tractor, enjoy!! That's a great looking machine
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    You did good mjncad.

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    Nice choice. Once you get into this size Deere, it's hard to go back to anything else. Others may not understand, but you will.
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