JD 125 has poor accelleration, Pedal to the Metal
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Thread: JD 125 has poor accelleration, Pedal to the Metal

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    JD 125 has poor accelleration, Pedal to the Metal

    I bought a 4 year old JD 125 from a lady down the road. She had it serviced every year by a mobile service center. Cuts fine but has always had one problem. No speed. I drove it home from her house a mile down the road. I has to mash the medal to the floor just to get minimal speed out of it. Never has much speed. Sounds fine when running and cuts great. Drive belt seems very sloppy when shut down. Not sure if belt is the issue, a spring or bad hydrostatic trans. Same problem in reverse, only really one speed. Anyone who has a similar experience or can give me the idea what is wrong with it. Currently only 113 hours. I bought it with 80 hours on it. Thanks in advance!

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    Deere states it should have speeds of:
    Travel Speed - Forward 0 - 8.9 km/h (0 - 5.5 mph)
    Travel Speed - Reverse 0 - 5.2 km/h (0 - 3.2 mph)

    Not fast at all.....

    Knowing that you can only go 5.5mph in forward and that is most likely without the mower on, do you still think you have trouble?


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    Welcome Medic Bob.

    The drive belt for those 100 series lawn tractors is high up in the frame where it's a pain in the butt to get to unless you can get the tractor on a lift of some kind.

    If it falls within specs that Brian posted, you are good to go; otherwise I'd look for proper belt tension including any idler pulleys working properly.

    The K46 transaxle is not one of Tuff-Torq's better efforts, and are a known problem with these BBM (Big Box Mart) class of mowers.

    I hope I never have to change the main drive belt on my L(emon)-130.
    I have more ideas than ambition.

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