Looking to get the scoop on the X758
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Thread: Looking to get the scoop on the X758

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    Looking to get the scoop on the X758


    Well, I sent my 430 down the road and the 318 is next to hit the road. I love the old stuff but with my business taking off, I just don't have the time anymore to spend hours upon hours in the garage pampering them.

    I was going to go with a commercial zero turn but the slopes I have have killed them in the past, they lack traction and can get scary when they slip on the slopes. The 430 also slipped and dug up the turf on the slopes when loaded up with the MCS and suitcase weights so I want to stick with 4wd.

    I've narrowed my search to 3 machines, one of them being an X758 with a 54" deck and maybe a 3 bag powerflow MCS. The other 2 machines are compact utilitys, a new BX2670 and a used 2520, a bit large for a mower but I like big. I'm looking to take advantage of the year end pricing/rebates/financing and yes, I know it's no longer mowing season...

    So, here goes:

    How do the people with the X758's like them now that you have some seat time on them?

    What deck did you choose and do you like it or would you choose another one now?

    How is the trick hydrostat front end on wet turf and how is it for traction on hills? Does it tear up the turf on sharp turns?

    Does anyone know the tip speed of the 54" deck? The dealer was really nice but he didn't seem to grasp the concept that a 2k RPM PTO spins at the same speed on either gas or Diesel engines.

    How is the clipping dispersal of the deck when you don't bag?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The only thing I know is what I asked a landscape business person about his. I asked about the all-time 4x4. He said that it does not tear up the yard when turning and it is all time 4x4 and can be driven on cement without hurting it. As it turns it compensates as to which front tire pulls the most. It's the only thing I was wondering about so I'm not any help in the other things you're wondering about. 4x4 like my 1026r in 4 WD will tear the yard up when turning too far as will any other tractor with the same set up and shouldn't be driven on cement in 4x4. Good luck in your decision. By the way you can get a lot of info on YouTube on the x758.
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    Looking to get the scoop on the X758

    My neighbor has an X728. It's full time 4WD but has the gas engine. I used it a couple times before buying my 1025r. The front tires don't tear up the lawn at all. He uses his for snow removal as well. I believe with the full time 4WD you also get the heavy duty all purpose tires on a 758. These are a step up from regular turf tires.

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    I'm also interested in any info on the X758. As I continue to approach middle age, ground engagement tools are of less interest and I have done most of the fel work I need to do. Have often thought that the X758 would be a nice fit since my tractor work is now pretty much limited to mowing.

    C'mon X758 owners . . . let's hear about your machines!

    Ralph T
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    I can comment on the 4WD. I had a 2013 X738 before my 1025R. It had the HDAP tires (which kick butt) and the new 'trick AWD". The AWD is very nice. I have a flat concrete driveway and a significant hill in my yard - I was able to blow snow up and down the hill with a ballast box for weight and no chains. I was also able to turn very quickly with the steering locked around a tree without tearing up the grass. I had a 318 prior to the 738 and the 738 would mow up the hill, without slipping, where the 318 would not climb it with the pto off... The mechanical 4wd on the 1025r is much harder on the grass and will leave rubber on the concrete if turning sharp in 4wd.

    I'm not sure on the blade tip speed, I did look it up once as I was surprised at how much faster the blades seemed ont he 738 vs 318. The 738 cut way better than the 318 and cust slightly better than the 1025r due to it's size making it feel more nimble. I did test the turning radius on the 1025r vs the 738 before I bought them - the tire tracks were less than 12" greater in diameter on the 1025r. Of course my test was in the parking lot of the dealer, measuring the rubber left from the tires! I had the 50" deep deck on my 318, the 60" HC on my 738 and now the 7 iron 60D on my 1025r.

    I think that the 758 would be an awesome mower and snowblower, but if you ever want the 3pt, pto, or loader the 1 series is a no brainer.
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