Problem with LR135
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Thread: Problem with LR135

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    Problem with LR135

    We bought a John Deere LR135 Auto last month, and up until last week it has been working brilliantly.

    However when cutting, it beeped and said that the thing at the back was full. Fair enough, I emptied it out and carried on. However when I tried to engage the blades it started beeping at me again and the revs died. Now, when I try and engage the blades the engine cuts out.

    It starts fine, and drives fine without the blades engaged.

    Does anyone here have any idea what could be wrong with it? I would imagine it is still under guarantee but the local dealer are dragging their feet so I thought I would check here first.


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    Welcome to DT

    Is that a US model? Anyway, at 1 month old I would call the dealer ASAP since it's under warranty.

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