Part fell off X300 mower
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Thread: Part fell off X300 mower

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    Part fell off X300 mower

    My niece was mowing and said something came off the mower. She handed me a solid rubber strap with one of the end s-hooks a bit mangled. This is NOT one of the rubber straps which holds the grass exhaust chute in place. Anyone have an idea what this might be before I take the mower deck off to see what's what? By the way, everything seems to be working okay, that is the blades engage and disengage correctly and it's cutting correctly. Thanks in advance. Nice forum.


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    My guess is that your niece ran over something in the grass and assumed that it came from the mower deck. A few years ago I found trampoline spings in my yard from wind blown tramps that the owners failed to secure to the ground. To the untrained eye, a tramp spring could be mistaken for something that fell off a mower deck.

    You could look up your deck at and see if the strap shows up in any of the illustrations. I'm betting it won't.
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    I agree with Matt, as long as everything is working OK chances are it is. Welcome to DT.
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