445 quick connect leaking
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Thread: 445 quick connect leaking

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    445 quick connect leaking

    My 445 started leaking from the unused quick connect since I took off the snow blower. Is this a common problem?
    Is there a simple fix or is it replace the connectors?
    Note: it is the female end on the tractor that is leaking.
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    Better to replace the connector since it appears the the internal seals are leaking caused deterioration or internal spring failure. But you could try to re-seat by using a flat punch to press on the divot in the coupling. You also did not say whether this was the female on tractor or male on blower.
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    You might be able to press the ball/poppet in the coupler and flush with a spray cleaner. You might have dirt between the ball and seal.
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    Sometimes the connectors will leak because the valve in the connector doesn't seat properly because of dirt or debris. Often, you can use a flat tip punch and try to re seat the coupling, assuming of course you remove it from the tractor first to avoid the pressure.

    The couplings are very easy to replace. I think they take either a 15/16th's or 7/8th's open end wrench to remove and reinstall them.

    I had one on my 455 which began leaking. I replaced them all with new female couplings and within a few months, I had more trouble with the new valves than I had in 20 years with the original valves.

    I ended up cleaning up the old couplers and made sure they were seating the valve in the coupling correctly and I put the old ones back on and the new leaky couplings in the spare parts box.

    If I recall, the 4 of them cost me about $170 or so......I can't find them in the Deere parts look up, but here is what you are looking for as far as style......


    Whatever you do, get the best quality fittings you can. Do NOT go cheap here or you will have nothing but runs, drips and errors......

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