This site is addicting.... I want a new tractor now
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Thread: This site is addicting.... I want a new tractor now

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    This site is addicting.... I want a new tractor now

    I have to say from what I can see such a friendly and helpful site. There is one problem with this site though. It's addicting and makes you want to upgrade your tractor.

    This summer I fell from a roof and short story shattered my ankle. It's now been 5 months before they would even let me put any weight on the foot. I'm not back to minimal weight and another 4 months till they figure I can walk. Fingers crossed!

    Since we live in WI to help the wife out I got a blade for the front of my X485 which is an 04 with 400 hrs on it. I don't use chains and just have R4 tires on the back with 140lbs of weight. So far all is good but man do I want to upgrade to an X738 to get the 4wd. I have a walk behind blower that is brand new as well that the wife will use. I figure the tractor will be good for the light snows and to push the snow to the side of the driveway. The blower will be used for the heavier snows and to also throw the snow off from the side of the driveway.

    I even went as far as getting a quote on a X738 but I didn't care for the trade in price and don't want the mess of selling out right. My tractor has been perfect the 10 years I have had it and only thing replaced was the fuel pump since I was anal the gas gauge wasn't working. $600 later I now have a working gas gauge.

    I keep drooling over a 1025R which I have no use for. I only cut grass on 1.5 acres and now push snow.

    Anyway just wanted to say nice site and thanks for all the help so far with the questions I have had in other posts.

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    We are very glad you decided to join in on the fun. Even if you don't upgrade, we are more than willing to help you dream in green fantasy land.
    Randy __________________________________________________ ___ Be Safe!

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    Nice post 04x485, Thanks.
    You need to be careful on here. Members here will spend your money before you know what's goin on. My list is long.

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    If you want the 1025r get.....I'm one of those Gizmo warned you about

    Seriously though, there likely ins't much price difference between the x7 and 1 Series unless you add a loader which is well worth it. If you even contemplating a change talk to multiple dealers as prices can vary widely between dealers.
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    One thing to consider if you do purchase a new tractor is what you are going through now. Private party or trade in value and ease or desire of the tractor if you want to sell that in another 10 years.
    2013 4720 with 400cx loader and 4-n-1 bucket ,485 backhoe with 18" bucket. Soon to come Artillian HD forks,TSC 7' tiller,I- match,Hydraulic box blade,frontier rear 7' snowblower,7' frontier snow blade and root grapple. SOLD2013 John Deere 1025r filb with alot of #hit that's more than 500 characters apparently!

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    I'm sure we can help you justify buying another tractor.
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    Heck I only mow an acre with my 1026R. It does lots of other things I had to do with my Polaris Scrambler and 318 before. The loader isn't just for digging. It's like a fancy wheel barrow one day and then the next it's a work bench. With Artillian forks anyway.

    Photo is of the 1026R in "workbench" mode. I was on a break, don't judge.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMAG0391.jpg  
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    Oh, some of us a VERY good at spending other people's money!!
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    I mow maybe 1.5 acres of my 5. Take just about any landscape project - with a loader, cut the time to complete down by 80%. Moving spreading dirt, gravel, mulch etc. Simple.

    Have 7 yds of mulch delivered - move it with a wheelbarrow and fork - all weekend......with a loader - 1.5 hrs.

    Trees down in the yard? Just chop em up and throw em in the loader.

    Ripping out evergreen ground cover - weeks with shovel, saw, etc. One day with the tractor/loader.

    Shoot a deer that gets away from the yard? Go get the tractor and load that sucker up.

    I went from lawn tractor with a snowblade to a 1025R with a loader, cut my mowing time in half and found countless other uses.

    Seriously look at the financing they have available. With 0% interest you're only talking a few dollars to get what you really want. (Although no matter what you get, you'll probably want the next size bigger.....If the 2520 had the quick implement attach/detach like the 1025R did - that's what I would have bought.
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    2014 1025R - 60D 7-Iron MMM, H120 53" FEL/Ballast Box, Ken's hooks and Piranha toothbar, BB2048L Boxblade, 54" snowblade Quick-tatch w/full hydraulic lift/tilt.

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    That is a bummer about the ankle , it can take a yr or more . From the sounds of it going to be over a year before you are walking.
    I was 4 or 5 ,we lived near Baltimore, MD . Broke my ankle , the bone was sticking out through the skin. Parents took me to John Hopkins,pins they reset the bone , used no screws or pins. I was in a cast from groin to tip of toes for 6mo and then in cast from above the knee to tip of toes.
    Climbed telephone poles for about 20 yrs before going to a no climbing job with the phone company.
    Cousin of mine fell off his roof and broke the both heels . He was down for little over a year , walking around now ..
    Good luck , it will take time

    Only own 1 acre, but with BIL, and FIL living close I mow around 3-4 acres. I went from a JD425 to a 2210 w/fel, 2305 fel, 2305 , 1026r fel-bh and now 1025r keeping the fel/bh.
    We can help you spend your money, sounds like you could use a frt mt snow blower, 54" frt blade & fel. If your lawn is level a 60" mmm w/auto connect if hilly a 54" mmm w/auto connect ( Just my opinion) on mower.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
    USAR 8yr 8 mo SSG 99th ARCOM
    JD 1025R, H120 FEL 54" bucket, 54" mmm Auto Conn, 54" Front blade, JD back hoe ,JD IMatch, 48" Bush Hog tiller, Middlebuster from MF dealer, used King Kutter 5' rear blade, a new 47" JD Front blower and Original Tractor cab w/heater.
    We have a Red Honda Pioneer 700-4 (4 seater) w/soft top , doors, and winch.

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