Gator Mulching blades for LX176
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Thread: Gator Mulching blades for LX176

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    Gator Mulching blades for LX176

    Just bought an LX176. I have used Gator 3 in 1 blades before but not sure which model fits my 38" deck. Quick search did not come up with numbers matching my original blades. Of course bigger questions is do these blades work or do I need to have a mulching set and a discharge/bagging set of blades. Thanks and hope you are having a great start to 2015. :-) Kaz

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    Hi, Kaz.
    Welcome to GTT.

    I believe Gator no longer offers a replacement G3 blade for this deck size. It's a 19.5" blade. You may want to do a search on-line for "gator blade to replace M82408". Someone may still have some in stock.
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    Gator is a name brand. Most Deere dealerships around here were selling Predator blades, it's been a couple years since I bought any. I put them on my 300 and they cut the grass up about twice as small and mulched the heck out of leaves.

    You might be better off to find the length of your blades and search for new ones by length.

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    Did a little searching and seems the Gator is still offered.

    John Deere Gator Blades - G5 Gator Blades

    They show a G5 and G6 model, but the numbers are a bit different between the two for a 38" deck. Nothing in the G3 for replacement. You'd have to match your measurements with the ones shown.
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    Here's a handy comparison of the Gator blades. Definitely, go with the G5's and not the G6 with your application. The G5's and G6's share the exact same design, but the G6's are ~24% thicker than standard and are very heavy. For a small lawn tractor, that will just bring added wear and tear, and its totally unnecessary. The G6's are really only for commercial applications.

    One thing I will mention right off the bat, when you take the Gators out of the box, check the sharpness. While I love the blades, being a great all purpose blade with high lift, moderate mulching capability, and handles bagging and leaves very well, the only slight issue is, they often don't come very sharp from the factory. And with the Tungsten bits, Imho, that doesn't help much either. After doing a quick test and noticing the grass blades were not being cleanly cut, I removed them right away, and put a nice sharp edge on them. Took a while getting through the Tungsten, but the cut was beautiful. I have a well manicured lawn I cut pretty high, so I am able to break the edge to only around .020" to .030", and they hold up very well. If you have coarser grass, or tougher terrain, you might want to go with the wider break, but stock, mine were over .110" which is way too much.

    I will add that I got a low cost Bradley Mower Blade Sharpener last year and a Tecomec balancer, and that was the best investment I've ever made. No more hack jobs for $10 a blade from the dealer. In just a couple of years, I'll break even, and run with a much better sharpening job, fwiw.

    I hope this helps.
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